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Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe exposure 2011 on sale in the United Kingdom

Recently, overseas exposed C-level mcg (Gallery Forum) clear Coupe road test photos.

  Benz hope its preemption part 1 of BMW (Gallery Forum) market. After the e-class Coupe, Mercedes-Benz C-class Coupe version launched and serves as the 2011 kuanxing-to-market.

The new C-class Coupe will be cash car and travel section models change subsection models together, at the beginning of 2011 in United Kingdom on sale, the new C-class Coupe will replace the discontinuation of earlier this year, and the CLK car using its four-door sister model outlines and details of the design.

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Bollywood star became a force India International Auto Show-friendly vehicle lift

宝莱坞影星助阵印度汽车展 力举环保汽车

6 January, in India's capital New Delhi India International Auto show, Bollywood's famous movie stars charouk ・ Khan station in a new type of electric car, called for the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving cars. Xinhua/Reuters